Our interactive map shows the "murder capitals" of EVERY state in the USA

Which Cities Have the Most Homicides in each of our 50 States? FBI Crime Data

(Interactive Map markers below are placed in the location of the city with the most murders for that state)

2015 Annual Murder Rates by State - Represented by Color Below (#'s based on 100,000 residents)

*All Murder rate figures were calculated annually.

Table Includes Homicide Data For all 50 "Murder Capitals"

10 Cities with the Most Homicides (population not factored)

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Sources: www.fbi.gov

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There are many factors that cause homicide numbers to plummet or soar. We have created a simple way to view the most homicides in each of our 50 US states in our Murder Capitals Infographic. We also included the top 10 cities with the most homicides.

USA Murder Map

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